Our Eye
is on Your Compliance
Our Eye
is on Your Compliance
About us
Anti-Money Laundering
Banks struggle with increased AML (anti-money laundering) challenges
Compliance Risks
The GDPR, PSD2 and California's CCPA greatly raise KYC/AML non-compliance risk
Lengthy Processes
In most cases, customers must verify their identity in person to open a bank account or apply for a credit card
High Drop-off Rates
In today's digital age, customers become frustrated by antiquated processes
We are the only identification platform that offers a fully GDPR/AML/KYC compliant verification in under 60 seconds
Reduce Fraud
Better Compliance
Our online ID document & live video call verification platform onboards customers by validating a passport, National ID or driver's license
Fully compliant and sandboxed with regulators
Simplified Process
Less than 60-second online ID document & live video call verification customers can do from anywhere
Low Drop-off Rates
Customers are satisfied with a quick decision on the outcome of the verification process
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Better Faster Cheaper
than our Competition
Extra Services
GDPR Compliance
Document Verification
Facial Recognition
Address Verification
Online Video Call
Advanced Due Diligence
For Whom
Verifeye Online combines human and artificial intelligence in a seamless ID verification process that automates KYC/AML where optimal and uses human intervention where needed to comply with the GDPR and the CCPA.
We use human & machine learning to provide fastest identity verification
Less than 60-second average verification time with 90% of calls answered within 30 seconds
No more waiting in line, 24/7 online availability
As soon as the verification process is completed, the data is sent directly to our clients.
Our customer data is never touched by humans and cannot be manipulated by our online agents.
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Sia Verifeye Online
K. Valdemara 33-50, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia.
Registration Number: 45403052185
Tel: +371 2564 5767
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