One Interface,
Three Verification Options


Document-Validation (Auto-Ident)






Qualified Electronic Signature

Our modular design enables a tailor-made
solution for your customer verification.

Our Solution


  • For 90% of callers verification confirmation takes less than 60 seconds
  • Callers spend less than 30 seconds waiting for the verification to start
  • Capacity for 1.7 Million verifications per day


  • Can easily be integrated into any process
  • Customers can use smartphones, tablets or a computer
  • The customer is not forced to download an app for the verification process

Data Protection Compliant

  • Verifeye Online stores no personal data
  • GDPR compliant and ISO-and KJM certified
  • Satisfies the strict BaFin requirements for secure identity verification
our solution

Verificationin less than 60 seconds

  1. 1 The customer uses his/her webcam to take a photo of his/her identification documents or uploads the docs.
  2. 2The customer makes a selfie using the webcam.
  3. 3The live selfie and the ID document image are biometrically compared.
  4. 4.1Video-Ident
    The ID-Validation via Video Call can be customized
  5. 4.2Konto-Ident
    Additional information such as fraud and limit
    reports can be supplied
  6. 5The result of the verification is transmitted directly to the client.

Video-Ident explained in 150 seconds

Verifeye icon verification solution
verification solution

Konto-Ident quickly explained


Document Validation

Verifeye Online can verify identity documents from more than 200 countries:
  • National ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver's License
Faked or manipulated ID cards are identified immediately
Verifeye icon document validation

Result :

Verifeye Online's automated document validation process eliminates the risk of manual verification errors and reduces the time required to complete the video call.

Validation of Security Features

The biometric and alphanumeric features of an ID document are examined using over 50 forensic, document-specific checks

Supplementary Risk Assessment for Customers



Does the account provide evidence of fraudulent behaviour?

Important for:
- Fraud-Prevention



Calculates the disposable income of the account holder

Important for:
- Limit-Allocation
- Credit-Calculation



Where does the account-holder‘s income come from?

Important for:
- Definition of Betting-Limits

Clear Dashboard

Verifeye icon

We do not save any data

Verifeye Online does not store any personal data. As soon as the verification process is completed, the data is sent directly and encrypted to our clients.
Thanks to servers located in Germany, it is guaranteed that personal data does not leave Germany.

Advanced Due Diligence Check

AML- Checks

  • Sanctions Lists
  • Risk Databases
  • PEP List
  • PIP List

Additional Validations

  • Biographical Checks
  • Address Validation
  • Marketing Data
  • ICIJ Database
  • Interpol
  • Wikileaks
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Innovative Product Features

  • Help function thanks to Chatbot support
  • Platform supports all languages
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Customizable workflow per client
  • Digital authentication of documents
  • Scalable backend processes
  • Geo-location and IP check
  • No customer data stored
  • Time stamp and audit trail for every verification
  • Ability to process 1.7 million verifications per day
  • White-Label Solution
  • No human interaction with customer data

From Car-Sharing to Online-Gaming

The modern information society needs reliable, precise verification services. Verifeye Online offers the perfect, user-friendly solution for numerous industries.
Verifeye icon online gaming

Verifeye Online offers the perfect, user-friendly solution for numerous industries.

  • Authorities
  • Betting Industry
  • Car-Sharing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Crypto Exchanges
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Loan Companies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Travel
who we are

Who we are

The Verifeye Online team is made up of highly specialized IT experts, experienced risk and data managers, and verification insiders who were previously employed by well-known companies in the EU Business-Information-Industry and who have bundled their expertise to create the best possible Identity Verification solution.


Christopher Gray

Bernt Corneliussen

Company Information

Sia Verifeye Online
K. Valdemara 33-50
LV-1010, Riga, Latvia.
Registration Number: 45403052185
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